There are many moving parts within a business. You need to know where your money comes from, where it is going, and how you can make that money work for you. Triangle Business Solutions provides a wide range of services that are designed to best meet your company’s needs.

Our Core Monthly Services package covers the most common needs businesses encounter. You’ll also receive reports that show you the strengths of your business financials. We take the time each month to sit down and discuss what these reports mean for you and your business.

Our Core Monthly Services package includes accounting software setup and bookkeeping tasks for two business accounts (Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, etc.), up to 75 transactions per month.

Core Monthly Services:

Chart of Accounts Setup and Customization

Categorizing Income and Expenses

Account Reconciliation (Accounting Records and Bank balances match)

Receipt Management

Monthly Financial Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows)

Monthly Calls with Bookkeeper to Discuss Financial Story  (We will talk through what your numbers and trends on the three financial reports mean)

Profit Analysis and Consulting  (We will provide one-on-one counseling specific to your goals for your business to best help you grow)

Annual reports (Prepare and send reports to your tax preparer/CPA at end of year)

No long-term contract! We work month to month with clients.

Additional Services:

Additional Transactions  (Greater than 75 transactions/month)

Additional Accounts  (More than a total of two accounts)

Historical Clean Up of Financial Records

Bill Payment Tracking

Invoice Management

Payroll support

Reasonable Compensation Calculation Assistance (for S-corp entities)

Sales Tax Setup and Management

Inventory Management

Budget Creation and Cash Flow Insights for your Business

Personal Finance Management

If you have other needs for your business, please Contact Us